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Bed Bugs





In the bed room, All beds must be stripped of all linen and mattresses stacked against the wall.

All cloths, boxes, shoes etc. must be removed from the closet and the room. Place all items in plastic bags and place them in a central area, these bags must be closed and secure until the contents can be cleaned and inspected. Drawers must be removed from there frame work and placed in a central area. the floor must be cleared of all toys and other items.


In all other rooms, remove cushions from couches and lay couches on the back. This allows access to the bottom. Secure all food material or remove it from the area.


After service be prepared to vacate the premises for four to eight hours. Upon return, vent all rooms with fresh air from the outside. Dry clean or launder all cloths and bed linen before returning these items to the room.





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